Envisioning the Future of Higher Education: Expectations, Opportunities and Challenges for Leadership



2-3 May, 2022

Co-organized by the University of Valencia & EWORA

The European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) is pleased to announce the  2nd EWORA Workshop  Envisioning the Future of Higher Education: Expectations, Opportunities and Challenges  for Leadership which will be held at the University of Valencia, Spain on 2-3 May 2022.

In this Workshop the future of the higher education will be explored and  “new leadership” in a rapidly changing world will be interactively discussed through keynotes, plenary discussions and breakout sessions.

EWORA cordially invites women in leadership positions at universities/research organizations, gender experts, members of higher education networks and interested academics to join us at the workshop.

This Workshop will open a debate on “the future of academia” and in this respect, it will also bring a platform to discuss and elaborate the future of academic leadership. What would be the expectations from a leadership that would be much more responsive to different types of change processes than before? Under many uncertainties how to re-define the effective and transformative leadership for the future academia? What would be both the challenges and opportunities that leaders may across in the higher education sector in a fast-changing future?.

The main objective of EWORA is to advance women’s empowerments in leadership, and this workshop will also question how gender equality can be incorporated in an adaptive leadership of the future and contribute to sustainable solutions for an academia that is diverse and inclusive.

  • How can a leader advance gender equality as a core university value in the future academia?
  • What would be the policies for greater gender equality in a post-pandemic world?
  • How could we promote “gender-sensitive leadership” for the next generation?
  • What could be the expectations from/for future leaders? Are these expectations bringing better chances for women that will lead them top positions
  • How to create funding opportunities for a gender-equal future?


We cordially invite you to attend the 2nd EWORA Workshop and look forward to working together to increase women’s effectiveness at decision making levels in higher education and research.